Aromatherapy Full Body Massage


13544949_xxlA soothing massage using long, flowing strokes and essential oils to enhance energy flow while influencing your sense of smell and signalling your nervous system to release muscle tension. Stress and tension melt away by using the healing power of essential oils on your body and in the room.


Choose one of the following:

~ Anti-Stress: This oil is a calming blend to relieve stress and anxiety. It has great soothing qualities that help clear the head and promote mental and physical tranquility.
~ Mood-Rescue: This oil is a complex blend that lifts your mood and re-balances your soul, naturally stimulating the clarity we all seek.
~ Detoxifying: This oil is a blend that stimulates diuretic functions and eliminates harmful body toxins assisting in a healthy body balance.
~ Muscle Recharge: This oil is a blend for post exertion of muscles to recharge tired overworked muscles, helping relieve stiffness and reduce fluid retention.

Schedule an appointment with Massage Solutions of Wilmington and treat your body to an uplifting, revitalizing experience. The best part is I drive to you, so you don’t have to worry about the traffic!

Call 910.777.7063 or email to schedule your session

(60 Min. – $85, 90 Min. – $95)

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