Corporate Chair Massage

8141756_xxlHow much more good can occur when the brain and the body are being refreshed in tandem, on a regular basis? Rested workers are relaxed and ready to get down to business. In addition, massage puts them in a good mood – the better to engage with customers or do whatever they do – and leaves them feeling quite upbeat about your company.

That’s what Massage Solutions of Wilmington offers – a comprehensive On-Site Wellness solution for muscles and mind, workforce and management. Massage Solutions of Wilmington can schedule certified mobile massage therapists for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits to your place of business – visits guaranteed to keep your employees productive, energetic and feeling good about themselves and their careers.19632371_xxl A good massage is a great perk that leaves your employees feeling perky – it’s guaranteed to pay for itself in productivity and positive energy. Massage Solutions of Wilmington is both good practice and good PR.

Schedule an appointment with Massage Solutions of Wilmington and treat your body to an uplifting, revitalizing experience. The best part is I drive to you, so you don’t have to worry about the traffic!

Call 910.777.7063 or email to schedule your session

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